Eli’s Fourth Blog Post

As recapped many times before, we have asked Eli to summarize the educational daytrips we’ve been going on by writing a short theme. I am then posting an image and a transcription of each theme as a blog post. Allow me to present our trip to Bath– the longest travel time in a daytrip we have taken yet (2 1/2 hours of travel each direction, and only 4 hours in the city)! This is Eli’s fourth post in the series.

— — — — —

A page of Eli's homework

Eli's Fourth Self-Directed Theme

— — — — —

I went to Bath…..
First I went to the Roman

. I liked seeing the

folded curses and I drank the

Bath water and I thought it

was super good. It tasted

like hot water with fizz.

Second, we went to the Bath

. It was cool because

I did a cool quiz and got a

ruler as a prize.

Third, I went to the Jane

Austen Center
. I learnd

all about Jane Austen. I also

got a paper house. It was a fun


— — — — —

For your additional viewing pleasure, a few items.

First, thirteen frames of Eli tasting the water in The Pump Room, made into a slideshow/movie:

Second, the final frame in that series:

Eli tastes the water at Bath.

Like Water From The Tap! But Fizzy!

Third, Lana’s reaction to Bath Water:

Lana tastes the water at Bath.

Like Water From The Tap. That's Right-- Tastes Like Hard Water.

Fourth, Finley giving a disquisition on the importance of the King Edgar Memorial slab in Bath Abbey:

Finley pointing at a memorial in Bath Abbey.

"Please Pay Attention! Here Is Another Important Memorial..."


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2 responses to “Eli’s Fourth Blog Post

  1. leslie bruce

    Hi Dalley family!

    I’m just joining the Dalley family trip–I’ve been in some other country since the start of the semester, I guess! I LOVE this blog! I can’t wait to show it to Declan! Eli, Declan received your postcard today. He liked it so much he put it on the refridgerator, where he can look at it every day.

    Miss you guys!
    Leslie, Brian and Declan

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