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The Sunrise This Morning…

This is what the sunrise looked like out our front windows this morning… but better. Please excuse the rough Photoshop assembly– I wanted to get them up in a relatively timely manner. Each image was taken approximately 3 minutes after the previous.

— — — — —

first sunrise panorama

First Sunrise Panorama +:00

— — — — —

second sunrise panorama

Second Sunrise Panorama +:03

— — — — —

third sunrise panorama

Third Sunrise Panorama +:06

— — — — —

fourth sunrise panorama

Fourth Sunrise Panorama +:09

— — — — —

fifth sunrise panorama

Fifth Sunrise Panorama +:12

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Eli’s First Blog Entry

We have taken Eli out of school on two different Fridays in order to go on daytrips with the students in the London programme– first to Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, and then to Canterbury Cathedral and Leeds Castle. Since we were taking him out for the day, we decided to torture him continue his education by forcing him asking him to write a short theme concerning the content of the trip on each occasion. He has done well on both attempts. Denver (my brother) was asking when Eli was going to write a post on the blog, and we realized that his themes could serve double duty. To that end, we have decided to post both an image and a transcription of each theme (the transcriptions will be literally that– we will maintain Eli’s spelling choices, etc.). Having come to this conclusion recently, there will be a certain delay in presenting the Stonehenge / Salisbury theme, as I forgot to take a picture of it before it got sent off to school. Pending it’s return, we would like to present the Canterbury / Leeds Castle theme.

—   —   —   —   —

A page of Eli's homework

Eli's Second Self-Directed Theme

[Editor’s Note: The two red stamps on the theme are from a toy Eli received inside a Kinder Surprise— a handstamp that says “hello” in Polish. He thought they really added something aesthetically to the presentation of his work.]

— — — — —

Going To…

[Cześć]!  Hello! I wen to:

Canterbury cathedral

I liked going there! It was super

fun! I liked the staind glass

windows because they had

stories in them.

[Cześć]!  Hello! next I went to:

Leeds Castle

I liked it! it was super

super fun! I liked it

Because it was so BIG!

I liked it when I went

through the mase because

it was fun! I liked when

I wen to the gift shop

because I got a toy

Action figure. I liked

when I went to

the dog collar

museum because

I thought the

spiky collars where



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