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Eli’s Second Blog Entry

As introduced previously, we have taken Eli out of school to go on educational daytrips; in exchange for these excused absences, we have asked him to write a short theme. We later realized that his themes would do very well as blog posts. In order to facilitate this, I am posting both an image and a transcription of each theme (as mentioned before, the transcriptions will be literally that– we will maintain Eli’s spelling choices, etc.). Without further preamble, allow me to present the Stonehenge / Salisbury Cathedral theme, second in the series (though, let us not forget, it was written first).

— — — — —

A page of Eli's homework

Eli's First Self-Directed Theme

— — — — —

I Went To Stonehenge.

I Loved it! It was fun! I liked

the part where I went to the gift

shop because I Liked getting

my Build it yourself Stone Henge and

my Horrible Histories Book. when

I got home I made a Lego stone


I went to salisbury cathedral

I liked it! It was fun!

I liked it because it was so

BIG! My dad took a picture

of me by the medieval clock.

Going to them: I rode on a


— — — — —

We include the picture of Eli “by the medieval clock” for your viewing pleasure.

Eli and the Medieval Clock

Eli and the Salisbury Cathedral (Medieval) Clock


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