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Eli’s Third Blog Post

As previously recapped, we have taken Eli out of school to go on educational daytrips; we have asked him to summarize these trips by writing a short theme. I am currently posting both an image and a transcription of each theme as a blog post from Eli– maintaining Eli’s spelling choices, etc. Allow me to present the first NIGHT trip; Eli & I attended a premiereship football match, Fulham FC vs. Newcastle FC at Craven Cottage. This is Eli’s third post in the series.

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A page of Eli's homework

Eli's Third Self-Directed Theme

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going to the Football Match

It was super fun!

I Liked going there!

I Liked going on the tube!I

I Liked going to the match

match! There was

a w very funny

chant that people

whe were saying!

It was Newcastle vs. fulham

and fulham won!

I went with my dad and my

mom’s students.

— — — — —

[Editor’s Note: I include the words of the chant that Eli was so taken with below; it was chanted by the very vocal 1/8 of the crowd that were Newcastle FC supporters, in opposition to the 7/8 of the crowd that were there supporting Fulham FC. We were sitting in the “neutral” seats, so we were quite close to the “Away” (i.e. Newcastle) stands. This chant was repeated throughout the first half; Newcastle’s fans were quite active during this time, while the Fulham crowd mostly just sat there. I have put this text in white, so as to not offend the unwary (you can begin to see why Eli found it so intriguing)– to see it, select the text between the visible quotation marks with your cursor.

Your support / your support / your support is fucking shit!

Also, Eli borrowed Finley’s camera to take to the game, so there are a few football pictures mixed in to Finley’s Photostream!

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