The Sawyermeister chimes in!

This year we came to Paris for the third time!

The first year we went we went only to Paris and last year we went to the Dordogne and this year we went to Barcelona… but right now we’re in Paris! and it is really nice and cool I love it. I like how are parents let us come every year. I like that it I so cool to see new things (but maybe not in the right way) and I like spending time with my family.

Two days ago we went to the zoo, and the aquarium and it was a little expensive to my dad it was 80 for the zoo but only 20 for the aquarium! We love it though it is a great zoo. The animals are usually close to the front of the cages and we saw lions and some baby leopards. I saw some snakes which are NOT my favorite.

Yesterday I was staying home in the morning with Eli and Dash while dad, mom, and Finley were going some were for a few hours. We are staying home doing this blog (and homework).

Many people come to see things with us 3 people have come other then the people I knew were coming 1 person just got to Paris yesterday, and I know he is coming very soon I think it might even be this morning. I  know his name but I do not know how to how to right his name BUT… I know that it is a boy and he is my moms friend! and also my dads friend but he has known mom for longer. I’m glad we came because we got to see new places and hang out with friends. Even get new souvenirs and send some time with family and it is awesome to spend some time with my hole entire family.

i love Paris!

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  1. Katie

    What a wonderful post Sawyer! It was so lovely spending time with you and your family in Paris. The Zoo sounds amazing! I will have to check it out one day. X Katie

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