We flew into Barcelona and I immediately fell in love with it! There’s just something so nice about our family actually being to walk on the sidewalks next to each other (and not in a single file line) attempting to NOT fall into the road– as you walk on a sidewalk that is only a foot wide, you know? I ALSO loved how you could ACTUALLY wear a t-shirt without like, dying, either! Anyway, once we had had done something close to unpacking (aka shoving things inside drawers), we decided to walk around. It was great! Only every single restaurant was closed– because it was Christmas Eve! Finally we stumbled upon an amazing restaurant (it was so cute), where we were able to buy food for Christmas Dinner… and to top it off, there was a woman dressed up as Santa Claus outside the door handing out candy! We walked further on, and found a restaurant, we went in and I had a amazingly delicious lunch! i had a fried egg over french fries and it was sooo good! My dad told me to explain about Tapas, which is what I had for lunch (it’s a certain part of the menu in Spain). Tapas are basically a bigger version of a starter (or an appetizer) so if you get multiples, it becomes a full meal.

As we were walking around we decided to head down to the beach!  My mind flashed back to when Eli had asked if we needed to bring our bathing suits 🙄. On the way there we saw so much graffiti! And it was so cool! On every street there was some form of graffiti! And my favorite part was that it is all different!

One of my other favorite things about Barcelona was that Dashiell decided at a couple of points that he was no longer able to walk by himself so my Dad, Sawyer, and I took turns carrying him 😹But, that is not my favorite thing that Dashiell did, my DEFINITE favorite was when he took my phone and took a ton of pictures (41 if you want to be exact) here’s a few 🤪

Some of them are good but he is definitely in the beginner’s stage 🤣.


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  1. Lannette Huelson

    Hi Finley,
    Glad you are having such a great time!!
    I really enjoyed your blog!! I’m sure the fun will continue in Paris!!
    Love you😘


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