Medea! Or, rather, “Media!”

This page is used to present video clips and still images, conveniently excerpting those pesky items from the stream of the blog (for the impatient or “visually needy” folks out there). Click to enlarge all still images.

—   —   —   —   —

Twentieth Item– Video of Sawyer rolling over.

Nineteenth Item– Finley taking a short dance break.

Eighteenth Item– Finley and Eli riding the Pedaled Roundabout at Highbury Fields.

Seventeenth Item– Sawyer wearing the tell-tale signs of someone’s affection.

Sixteenth Item– Photostitch of Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle as seen from the back

Leeds Castle-- As Seen From The Back


Fifteenth Item– Eli’s Lego Obsession.

Eli and his two Stonehenge models

An ancient race of people... the Druids. No one knows who they were or what they were doing...

Fourteenth Item– Sawyer ready to go to the pub.

Sawyer in coat and knit hat

Dressed for Her First Trip to The Pub

Thirteenth Item– Sawyer– i.e. The Smartest Baby In The World.

The Smartest Baby. In the WORLD.

The Smartest Baby-- IN THE WORLD

Twelfth Item–Sawyer at Stonehenge.

Sawyer in a sling at Stonehenge

Sawyer Slung and Snuggly at Stonehenge

Eleventh Item–Finley at Stonehenge.

FInley on ring path at Stonehenge

Sister Smiling and Sideways at Stonehenge

Tenth Item–Eli at Stonehenge.

Eli wearing a knit hat at Stonehenge

Senior Sibling Struck by Seeing Stonehenge

Ninth Item–Siblings at Stonehenge.

Eli and Finley Hugging At Stonehenge

Siblings Sieze and Squeeze at Stonehenge

Eighth Item–Sisters on the couch.

Finley & Sawyer on the couch

Sisters. Matching Tops, Matching Smiles.

Seventh Item– View of the common garden beyond the Summer House.

The Common Garden

The Common Garden Behind The Summer House

Sixth Item– View of the interior of the Summer House.

Interior of The Summer House

The Interior of The Summer House, Where Lana Has Been Working

Fifth Item– View from the back steps of the flat.

View From The Back Step of The Flat

Looking Back Toward The Garden & Summer House

Fourth Item–View of our flat from the kitchen.

What you see from the kitchen of our flat.

Third Item– View of our flat from the shuttered window-wall.

What you see from the shutters of our flat.

Second item– Eli (and scooter) standing on our step, preparing to go to his first day at Laycock Primary School.

Eli's first day of school in England.

Eli with Orange Sticker Skooter (sic)

First item– Eli and Finley going down the Long Slide at the Highbury Fields Playground:

2 responses to “Medea! Or, rather, “Media!”

  1. Stephen

    Response to: “First Item”
    I loved Finley’s performative, dry little “wheee.” Like “yeah, I’m going down the tallest slide in the world. Ain’t no thang.” Don’t forget they slide on the left side there. Miss you guys,

  2. Sharon

    Response to: “Fourteenth Item”
    Glad to see that Sawyer is already participating in pub crawling. I too miss you guys!

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