Sawyer is Heading For The Pub

Sawyer in coat and knit hat

Dressed for Her First Trip to The Pub

We went in search of “A Local” for ourselves the other night (a pub in our neighborhood that would be “Ours”)– Sawyer went all-out in the cuteness department. Other objective judges (like Lana) agree. Also, Lana thinks that I’m a terrible typist and it stresses her out to watch me compose a post.

—   —   —   —   —

(No other info. Just looking to justify posting this picture.)


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3 responses to “Sawyer is Heading For The Pub

  1. Well, that is what you get for marrying someone with a phd in literature.
    I am glad you made it safely; but seriously, isn’t she a tad young to be looking that cute for the pubs?!?!

    jenn (from zumba)

  2. natasha

    So cute! I hope ya’ll had success in finding a pub! 🙂

  3. Carrie

    Dude, that girl looks GOOD. I’d totally buy her a pint.

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