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Some Freakin’ Pictures of the Flat… Part One.

Lana told me I needed to “post some freakin’ pictures of the flat.” This was not news– I have been saying I needed to do this for some time, in these very pages. HOWEVER. I was attempting something complicated involving using my Gravatar as a slideshow engine (insert inchoate noises and deprecating laughter from Lana HERE), and am now going to be… satisfied… with a more piecemeal (and IMMEDIATE) approach. Here are the first of the pieces for you to… meal… on.

The view from the shutters.

The Flat from The Shutters

This is the main living area of the flat, 180 deg. of panorama, from the window wall side. The ceilings are 11 foot 3 inches, and room width is 21 foot 5 1/8 inches. I know the burning question in every reader’s mind is: “Tristan, are you going to obsess over an incredibly detailed 3D model of this space?” The answer, of course, is Yes. As soon as I am afforded the appropriate opportunity, that is (i.e. relationship-saving caveat). We were not prepared for the grandeur– as a matter of fact, we were expecting… this.

what we expected of the living room

The Living Area As We Expected It

Accurate, in their way. But… we thought the ceilings would be at 8 foot, if we were lucky. We did not realize that the kitchen was continuous, or open– we saw this:

The Kitchen As We Knew It

What we were expecting of the kitchen.

…and imagined a narrow galley, generally uncomfortable to cook in, or BE in if multiple people were trying to use the kitchen at the same time. The view from the kitchen (130 deg. panorama) actually looks like this:

What you see from the kitchen of our flat.

The View from The Kitchen

Which is a different beast entirely. (I know, I know. The shutters are closed. It was nighttime, okay?) The accommodations are awesome, and placed well. Maybe next I will attempt to show what it looks like with the shutters open– the view of “Highbury Fields” (which is, in life, a large, nicely bordered park, with a HUGE playground at it’s nadir) is fantastic. There are many other parts of the flat to show as well; I will content myself with the assurance that I will “do so soon.”

Since THAT worked last time.


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