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Some Promised Videos…

Here are a few video-type things that we have been promising (or, at least, MEANING) to upload– some for a short time, some for quite a while! (BTW, If you would like to watch them in HD, you may have to click through to youtube itself by using the link in the lower right-hand corner.)

HERE is the promised video of Sawyer rolling over:

Here is Finley taking a short dance break:

Here are Finley and Eli riding the Pedaled Roundabout at Highbury Fields:

And, finally, here is Sawyer wearing the tell-tale signs of someone’s affection:

—   —   —   —   —

Also, here is a quick photostitch of Leeds Castle, visited by us on Friday…

Leeds Castle as seen from the back

Leeds Castle-- As Seen From The Back

Be sure and check out Finley’s Photostream for pictures of the Leeds Castle Peacocks, as well as views of the Castle from the front!

I will try to upload MY pictures of the peacocks (including the elusive ALBINO peacocks) soon…

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