Some Promised Videos…

Here are a few video-type things that we have been promising (or, at least, MEANING) to upload– some for a short time, some for quite a while! (BTW, If you would like to watch them in HD, you may have to click through to youtube itself by using the link in the lower right-hand corner.)

HERE is the promised video of Sawyer rolling over:

Here is Finley taking a short dance break:

Here are Finley and Eli riding the Pedaled Roundabout at Highbury Fields:

And, finally, here is Sawyer wearing the tell-tale signs of someone’s affection:

—   —   —   —   —

Also, here is a quick photostitch of Leeds Castle, visited by us on Friday…

Leeds Castle as seen from the back

Leeds Castle-- As Seen From The Back

Be sure and check out Finley’s Photostream for pictures of the Leeds Castle Peacocks, as well as views of the Castle from the front!

I will try to upload MY pictures of the peacocks (including the elusive ALBINO peacocks) soon…

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One response to “Some Promised Videos…

  1. Art Dalley

    Sawyer has discovered applied physics, placing the weight of her somewhat massive head eccentrically, letting gravity apply the leverage, and then twisting her body back into alignment. What a great accomplishment! Finley’s dance recital has perfect elements–often missing from recitals–brevity and a clean exit.

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