Finley Almost Died Last Night. Or Perhaps, the Last Three Nights. Because I Almost Killed Her.

So. Turns out Eli has always had a gift for working through jet-lag. Who knew? We were blissfully ignorant in the past that his behaviour wasn’t the norm. NOW, however, we know. Neither of the girls has… adapted… well… to the time change. A caveat here: Eli has been doing as much walking as Lana & I, so his physical weariness may be helping offset any kind of two-thirty-in-the-morning waking. NOT-SO-MUCH FOR FINLEY. Each & every night so far, she has been up & on FIRE from 2:30am GMT onward. Kind words, promises, cajoling murmurs… threats… a freaking cat-o’nine tails can’t really stop the Finley train once it pulls out of station. And, as she is sharing a room with Eli, eventually the sound of blows, the screamed imprecations, and the totally unveiled and almost daringly flourished threats cause him to wake… and then the circus goes from two rings to three. Added to which is the fact that neither of the twin beds in that room has a mattress comfortable for an adult’s back, so in the (late) morning, when we finally wake (as Finley usually winds down / suddenly stops around 7:30 or 8:00am & falls into a deep sleep, anesthetizing all three of us), my back is as twisted as a Pretzel Time pretzel. (A little Oakview Mall reference for my fellow Omahans out there.)

So… we stagger bloodily onwards. We are trying to make her exercise as much as possible during the day, filling her up with food at dinner & bedtime… and have finally found a way to tape the gag in place that won’t pull on her hair (just kidding, grandparents).

I have missed much of the epic battle that Lana has fought with Sawyer on much of the same ground– that has been happening in “our” bedroom, whilst I have been in the “kids” room. We have varying theories about what is going on with Sawyer, but as a 6-month-old is normally fairly reticent with the details, painting the conversation with “broad strokes,” as it were, we are mostly guessing. We think that her Pack n’ Play (which was a left for us by the management service) may be different enough from her crib at home that it is causing her some stress– might be a bit cold in the room, though studies seem to suggest that moderately colder might be better (and it’s not all that cold– and neither is she, when Lana has picked her up), the lack of a fan (who knew that there were studies out about that? We just did it for the noise… ), or… perhaps… just… jetlag. I mean, if people think you should allow a day of recuperation for each hour of time change, we really haven’t been here long enough for things to have “settled out.” We’ve got the White Noise app on my phone going full voice now, and that seems to have helped by preventing most of the waking via startle, especially during the day. (Sidenote: she is the MOST easily startled baby– and I can’t decide if that is strangely curious or certifiably WARRANTED, given her siblings)

Realistically, I should go to bed now, though– as I should be hearing from Finley in about 3 1/2 hours.


Edit: Last night went MUCH better. Finley woke up once– at 1:30am– and went back to sleep when walked back into her room. She got up for the day at 5:30am, which (hopefully) means she will be even more ready for bed at bedtime. Sawyer continues to be troublesome (inasmuch as she is ever “troublesome”)– getting up several more times than usual (like every hour from 9:30pm ’til 12:30am and then up at 4:00, for an hour, and back to bed until 8:00, whew). As mentioned above, hopefully this will have settled out in eight days…


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3 responses to “Finley Almost Died Last Night. Or Perhaps, the Last Three Nights. Because I Almost Killed Her.

  1. phil aubry

    well, i am so happy for you and your family. What a wonderful adventure you have all embarked on!!! Besides the sleeping patterns having to re- adjust, you all have new sights, new smells, new customs and new slang to learn. My best wishes to you all, a true renaissance family! Huzzah!

  2. Jen

    mmmmm, Pretzel Time. They were a mall staple in Iowa, too.

    And further, I was about to write Finley a motivational letter to keep at it, never give in, stick to her guns, she’s a girl with a singular mind and doesn’t need conventions such as standard sleeping hours; but according to Lana, via facebook, apparently I’m too late and she’s conformed. I was going to suggest she hold out for the good wee hour bribes from Dad, like a fabulous outfit complete with accessories, but I will save this for her next willful stand.

  3. Timothi

    Edith had one day of 3:30 am when we shifted back to Pacific time from Eastern. I barely got the hole dug before she started sleeping through the night. Good luck.

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