Working With WordPress…

…is not as intuitive as I would like. I have spent quite a while messing with the layout of the blog (using the “theme” I have chosen through WordPress), and I can see the attraction to doing this in the other (non-free) manner available to users of the WordPress software. It took WAY to long to format & insert the new “LAX to Heathrow” graphic I posted there in the sidebar, and I STILL am not quite sure how to easily add a cycling set of images showing the new flat. All of this has conspired to make me spend several hours “computing” with no visible result… something Lana alternately mocks & berates me for. At least I was not doing so & simultaneously ignoring the needs of our children. Evidently, this is something I do.

Tristan: (type, type, type, stare at screen)

Child One: “Dad, can I have some milk?”

Tristan: (type, stare, noncommittal grunt)

Child Two: “Dad, can I play outside?”

Tristan: (type, type, type, stare at screen)

Child One: “DAD. Can I PLEASE have some MILK?”

Child Two: “I was here first!” (obviously untrue) “I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE!”

Tristan: (type, stare at screen, turn toward noise, squint, turn back to screen, type)

Child One: “I WAS HERE FIRST! AND I am getting the milk MYSELF!” (sound of fridge door opening, wet splat as milk hits kitchen floor)

Tristan: (type, type, type)

Child Two: “FINE!” (child exits. door slams. sound of screeching tires immediately outside door.)

Tristan: (type, type, pause) “Wait. Did someone need milk?”

(all is quiet)

Tristan: (to self) “Hmpf. Thought somebody wanted something.” (type, stare at screen, type, pause, looks down) “HEY! Where did all this milk come from?”


Decide for yourself, based on your knowledge of my character. Do not inform me of your ruminations– I would prefer to falsely assume everyone’s good opinion of my character.

Tomorrow, I will (again) attempt to provide some images of our new flat.


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2 responses to “Working With WordPress…

  1. Jen

    I believe Lana.

  2. Brian F

    I believe Lana too, but I’m on your side if there are sides to be picked.

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