We are in Paris once again!

So far the trip has been great! We stayed near a castle, Château Baynac, for the first week of our stay, and we have since traveled back to Paris for my mom’s teaching. On the way back we stopped by a massive subterranean church, standing 17 meters tall, all carved out of the earth. Something less exciting, though… whilst completing my homework for the day today, I found out that my schedule for school had switched around last minute, possibly invalidating 2 of my assignments.

We have emailed my counselor about it, and hopefully it turns out okay.

Yesterday we went back to the bookstore Shakespeare and Company, but I failed to pick out a book :(. I did, however, manage to get ahold of a new Shakespeare and Company bookmark, as I lost my old one to Dash. It was exciting to see Notre Dame again, and even better, we weren’t freezing our butts off this time.

Soon we plan to go to the store Deyrolle to look at the awesome taxidermy and preserved bugs there. The store is super interesting, as when you first enter it looks somewhat like a gardening store, but when you reach the top of the narrow spiral saircase, you are greeted by a ton of taxidermy animals. If you go deeper into the upstairs, you will find yourself in the bug room, where they sell preserved butterflies, moths, beetles, and many other types of bugs.

I personally hope that sometime on this trip we can walk up the avenue to the Arc de Triomphe again. Some of the stores located on the street are really fun, like the Renault showroom. Last time we went there, there were many interactive things that most of the family could play, and it was wher Dash found his “squish car.”

In other news, I have started up a Facebook page for the first time. #shamelessselfpromotion

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