The Museum As View’d from the Stroller…

I’ve been letting kids take lots of pictures, as is my wont. Dash has a series I’d like to present.

IMG_5058I feel like letting them frame stuff up, using their cameras (the girls have Polaroids), my camera (yes, millennials, I still have a SEPARATE device that I use, along with my phone), or, even, you know… my phone… is a great way of having them think about what’s important to them about things they find interesting. Dash has requested to take photos fairly frequently from his seat in the stroller… I thought I’d display a cross-section of his images.

(Ed.– Things mostly have to “have animals in them,” methinks– with dinosaurs and sharks being the PREFERRED animals– to be dash-picture-worthy, on the whole. Also, I have attempted to caption these, to the best of my ability.)


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2 responses to “The Museum As View’d from the Stroller…

  1. Angela hogerhuis

    Best art tour I’ve been on! Thanks Dash for the great pics and explanations!

  2. Angela Hogerhuis

    Great tour, thank you Dash!

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