Walking on the streets of Paris

Yesterday began as your regular lazy day. TV, food, and the couch. I was bored. I could tell that my Mom was too, so she said let’s go somewhere, do something, I mean we’re in Paris! Why are we sitting on the couch? Then we prepared to go– we had to get on our coats and sweaters and hats and gloves and basically EVERYTHING that could keep you warm. Right before that, though, my Mom (who had fallen aasleep) came out of her bedroom and asked a question that we had all forgotten about. Where are we going?

After that followed a chain of arguments, we should go here no there no anywhere else but there, the kids would be bored. “Come on Tristan even I think that that’s boring.” Until we FINALLY agreed to walk down to L’ Improbable. We walked all the way down there– just to find out that it was closed! I mean, come on people! It was cold! But, luckily not too cold. We just decided to walk over to the Métro and take a train over to the island Île de La Cité or, better to say, over to a BRIDGE that led you to the island and we went to the Left Bank where one of my favorite book stores– Shakespeare and Company— is located.


At the Island, we got something delicious–a butter and sugar crepe (or as the say here: beurre et sucre crepe!) It was so good! Except that at the bottom there was so much butter that before I could bite into my last bite of crepe butter spurted all over my fingers creating a sticky (yet delicious mess). After all of us wiping off our fingers with (a LOT of) towels my family and I herded over to Shakespeare and Company.

We finally ended our stampede at Shakespeare and Company– with us combing through the shelves trying to find the most perfect thing to buy. That’s when I spotted it– oh wasn’t it amazing! Up on a shelf was a brightly colored book titled Macarons Chic & Delicious French Treats! I went back and forth should I buy it? Should I not? Exploring the pages off the book I found my answer– yes! It’s bright and beautiful pages explained how to make delicious French delicacies from vanilla to banoffee! After buying the book at a cost of sixteen euros, my family and I took the metro home.

We ended the day with popcorn, TV, laughter, and the couch.

Which ended our most recent adventure of walking on the streets of Paris!


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