Going to France and Paris

Today I am in France (and Paris)!!!!! It’s amazing! Version 2I can’t wait to get back, though! I remembered, and need to say happy birthday to Che, Joey, Anais.

(The day I wrote that stuff was 12/23/2017)

Today me and my family are already IN Paris, but we went other places before!!! And it WAS, and it’s going to BE awesome!!! We are all awesomely excited. About being in Paris today.


12/29/17 or now 18! Wait I don’t want to go away from 2017? I don’t know. Let’s talk about stuff I DO KNOW. I know you have had a few birthday so let’s talk about those peoples birthdays. I hope Anais had a good b–day the same for Chloe’s mom and Joey and Che (sorry you are last Che, but you were first before!)

Now back to the class. I do not miss Ms. Anderson… I am just kidding!!! Hahaha You are SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY DAD AT TEACHING.

I think I might like 2018. Will see.

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