My Adventures in Paris

Written By: Finley Dalley—

Yesterday we flew into Paris for my second time ever… Okay, wait. That was three days ago! Well, this is STILL what happened!

I am fifty percent sure that the food on the plane is poisonous. Anyway… on the plane I ate a dinner of orange juice, and a breakfast of apple juice. When we finally landed, we had to go through immigrations and of course there was a suspicious package and we had to evacuate for almost an hour!!! But then, after that was over they did the thing where they let people with disabilities go first and stuff like that… but this time they let the families with babies go first!!! So thanks to Dashy we were fifth in line!!! Then when we finally got through security we found our driver person and we drove to our apartment… Sawyer and I fell asleep on each other’s shoulders and we slept until we got to our new house!

Jet lag, an odd thing. Sawyer, Dashy, and I woke up at three thirty in the morning and we decided that we just couldn’t go back to sleep so we got out of bed and ate a snack, but Dash wasn’t hungry, and that wasn’t hard to believe because he drank a total of three large bottles!!! Our snack consisted of some bread with Nutella and some with jam. Two hours or so later Eli awoke and we all decided that we were hungry again, so our dad went out and got breakfast. We had: Pan of chocolate, two sticks of French bread, plain croissants, and some circular pastries. We ate till we were stuffed–I ate a piece of every pastry.

I was stuffed so full that I took a short nap and then I watched cartoons with Sawyer until I got sick of it and started wandering around looking for something to do. Finally I got dressed and then I remembered that I hadn’t wiped down the table so I wandered into the living room to see if it was wiped down or not and it turned out that it was so I just started circling around the living room bored until my mom told me to write this blog post.

We just went for a LOONNGG walk. We walked about four miles!!! Except Dashy he spent the time relaxing in the stroller. (Lucky!!!) It was a very interesting walk, first we walked like thirty minutes to drop mom off at her Study abroad meeting. Then, we walked around the Marais.

And we saw many homeless people I had to keep my eyes fixed straight ahead or else I would’ve wanted to donate ALL of my money to them. We came across this dude that wasn’t homeless but he didn’t have money. He was an artist and he had chalk pastels and was drawing on the concrete. His drawings were very impressive. There was a drawing of Santa Claus, and a drawing of baby Jesus and his mother. We gave him two Euros and continued on our walk.

An hour or so later we went to pick up our mom we walked through the gate and waited on the front step. It was freezing!!! And, we were just sitting outside and someone finally opened the door and let us in by then it was around eleven forty-five and our mom was supposed to be done at eleven thirty!!!

The next day, instead of doing anything big we went out and explored the neighborhood. There were some interesting things that happened on this walk… BUT, I’ll tell you about it later!




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3 responses to “My Adventures in Paris

  1. Ashley Mangino

    This is Miss Ashley… I loved reading your post, Finley! I can’t wait to hear more! When I was little, my mom spoke to me in French (she is fluent) and she taught me a lot of their children’s songs. They are adorable and hilarious. I hope you get a chance to hear some of them. My favorites were: Mon Âne, Quand le petit bossu, and Il était un petit navire. Xoxo Glad you’re having this awesome experience with your family!! XO

  2. Muriel Dalley

    That was a great post! You are a great writer! You are very descriptive. You pay attention to detail and that inabiles the reader to imagine the scene and that is wonderful! Please send more!

  3. hb281

    Hi Finley, this is Hannah, a friend of your Mum and Dad’s from Cambridge. This is such a fun post to read – your sense of humour really comes across! I’m glad you’re getting to try delicious pastries. Nutella on french bread is the snack of champions. Have you seen a ‘gateau des Rois’ in any of the shops? It is a special cake for the end of the Christmas season, and it sometimes has a little toy hidden inside it –
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

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