the eiffel tower!!! and the picasso museum!!!

Written  By: Sawyer Dalley–

We are going to the Picasso Museum!!!!!! I  think I can see the Eiffel Tower from there!![ED. I interject a single translation below, in red. It is important to note that this post of Sawyer’s has involved DAYS of revisions– mostly because she has accidentally deleted large sections of her post on accident several times; each time, she has attempted to “undo” too late. 😢 ] 

It is amazing  to be here.We sall sumwun draling [“saw someone drawing”] on the concrete– it was amazing I gave him one yeroe and Finley did too. From 1 to 1000, which one wold you pick for this trip? Sawyer d= 200,000.

To day we went to the Pablo Picasso Museum it we amazing there but we didn’t see any Pablo Picasso works with tape.

I took a lot of pictures at the Museum; I well take them to school. I only took pictures of prtty things. 

[All pictures by Sawyer Dalley (except those featuring HER.)  The main exhibit at the Musée Picasso was a comparison between Picasso and Giacometti; Sawyer made several people smile with her INTENT photography. Also, after having studied art throughout my educational career, it is humorous to me that I had never heard / thought about Picasso’s use of tape in his works UNTIL I HEARD ABOUT IT FROM SAWYER– a “professional” tape artisan, herself. She was very excited / hopeful about seeing “Bust Of Woman With Yellow Tape (Jaqueline)” or “Three Musicians,” but none of the mixed / papier collé works we saw featured tape in the way Sawyer hoped. This did not dim her (or, for that matter, Eli or Finley’s) enthusiasm for the Musée. Dash was unavailable for comment, as he slept through the majority of the visit. I included all of her unblurred images, because the pictures of the handrails, informational signs, roof of the elevator, etc. were photographed with exactly the same attention she turned to the artistic works– you can’t deny that there’s something “prtty” about them.]


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3 responses to “the eiffel tower!!! and the picasso museum!!!

  1. Adele Beckwith

    Sawyer, what an amazing trip to the Picasso Museum! I loved it! Your photos are wonderful.

  2. Muriel Dalley

    Sawyer, what a lucky girl you are! Paris, camera, parents to take you wondrous places! Famous artists, great museums,and lots of cheeses to taste! And bread. Bread everywhere! Keep clicking away and send us more,please!

  3. Room 11

    Dear Sawyer,
    We miss you, but are so glad that you are having fun. We hope that you have a great time sight seeing. All of us really enjoyed your pictures, we can tell you worked hard to take them. Many of us are hoping that you get to see the Eifell Tower. You reminded us that Picasso didn’t use tape, he painted funny abstract faces. Remember he went through a blue and rose period. Piet Mondrian used tape and grids! Have you been able to climb the Eifell Tower yet? Are you having a great time? We can’t wait to hear about all the French food you have been trying! Sophia N. has tried French and thinks you will like it! We love hearing about your adventures. Have a great time!

    Always Stay Sweet!

    Room 11

    (We all sat down to read your post and wrote our letter together!)

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