Things are starting to move quickly!

And, hey, there’s packing to do! SO MUCH PACKING. Also, prescriptions to pick up, dogs to get groomed, vehicles to service…

…and the million tiny things that one thinks of, means to write down, THEN forgets, and finally remembers again– but at an inopportune time. Tiny things that a family of any size needs to operate for times longer than an average vacation. Things that a larger-than-average-size (or, as I like to think of it, “ungainly size”) MOST DEFINITELY needs. Nail clippers, for instance. Also, a small screwdriver, with exchangeable tips (for fixing glasses, changing batteries, etc.)  Batteries, various sizes. Corkscrew? I mean, the place we’re getting PROBABLY has one, but this is NOT something you want to leave to chance. (Not when you’re living with a professor– and double that when she’s an English Professor!) Sharp kitchen knives, as well– the apartment will definitely have kitchen stuff, I’m sure knives will be among them, but do you really want to go a month with a bunch of dull, broken knives? shudder 

I’m pretty sure these “million things” can ONLY be thought of at the wrong moment, because that’s when usually when you’re using them. You don’t think about those knives until you’re feverishly making dinner– and if you’re in THAT hellish place of trying to make food at the end of kid’s days (and I speak mostly from observation– Lana is the person on the sharp end here the vast majority of the time), the last thing you’re going to want to do is take a hot moment to write a meaningful reminder concerning the need to pack knives. Batteries are only thought of when the remote doesn’t work. And tweezers (note to self: add tweezers to the list) you only think of when you’re trying to get a tiny bit of fuzz out of the speaker of your phone when you’re, you know, writing a blog entry…


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