Believe it or not…

We’re going to restart our world-famous (or, wait– is “friend-famous” a thing?) travel blog! Last time we traveled to London, England for a school term, whilst Lana taught in the CSUF Study Abroad program. We’re going again, for similar reasons (Lana is teaching an intersession Writing course), but this time we’re going to PARIS, FRANCE! We’ll be there from the 21st of December to the 21st of January. We had a great time there five years ago (see the five-part mega series: Yes, Paris Is Incredible. The Kids Have Confirmed It. . .  ) and hope to have a similar experience!

Some changes to come, this time around: we’re hoping to have posts directly from the fingertips of Elijah, Finley, and Sawyer– effectively quintupling our possible posting output (and possibly quinzuppling the editing / “translation” time– we’ll see 😳).

So, here’s hoping you’ll join us on the journey!


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3 responses to “Believe it or not…

  1. Dad/Art/Gricky Dalley

    That’s great news! I’m looking forward to it–even more so now that we’ll also have the insights of the grandkids! . . . including some penned by the new, soon-to-be-published author in the family.

  2. scott donald latendresse

    Bon Voyage!

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