Eli’s Fifth Blog Post

As recapped many times before, we have asked Eli to summarize the educational daytrips we’ve been going on by writing a short theme. I am then posting an image and a transcription of each theme as a blog post. Allow me to present Eli’s version of our trip to Paris– don’t worry, his is shorter! This is Eli’s fifth post in the series.

— — — — —

A page of Eli's homework

Eli's Fifth Self-Directed Theme

— — — — —

I liked going there! It was
super super super fun! I
went to the tope top of
the EIFFEL TOWER! first, I went
on the metro* to my hotel.
that night, I walked to the
EIFFEL TOWER. then i went to the Luxembourg Gardens.
the next day, I went up to the top
of the EIFFEL tower then I
went to a place called ANGELIN
-AS, then I went to the louvre.
Next, I went to Sacre Cou
-r. Then I went to the World War 2
memorial. Then I went to
Notre Dame.
Next, I went to the Musée d’Orsay
then we went to Le Train Bleu
then we went to jardin des plants
then we went to the pairis Mosk.
for tea**. then I went Back
to My hotel and ate

I Liked going up in the Eiffel towe
-r Because it was fun.
I liked the statues in the
Louvre. I thought it was
sad for how many people
died in world war 2. I liked
the Musée d’Orsay Because
it was fun.

* there are 14 metros [lines]. I rode on 4. The metro is like the tube, but numbered [instead of the lines being named].
** I had some too!

— — — — —

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