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Newsflash. . . Finley Turns Four.

Finley turned four years old today!

Here is a video of her birthday card being shown on milkshake!, a program on Channel 5. I was ALMOST ready to record it, but was (of course) looking away when Eli said (and then I CLEVERLY repeated) “What THE?” Lana had been watching the interstitial programming with Finley since shortly after 6:30am, with Finley unaware of what might be happening– the scheme has been in process for weeks now, as you are instructed to send in your card a month in advance, with no guarantee that they will show the card… so it has all been a little fraught. And, of course, Lana had been forced to leave for work minutes before the card aired (or, at least, another OPPORTUNITY for the card to air), so the possible-recording was even more important. Anyway, here is such video as we have (please ignore my inane babbling in the background):

And here is a picture of the original card:

Finley's Fourth Birthday Card

Finley's Fourth Birthday Card-- Please Note The Glitter Paper Lettering!

We attempted to abide by the glitter guidelines on the milkshake! birthday card instruction page:

With glitter, less is more.  The milkshake! team are a shiny bunch of people but we’d prefer not to be sparkling from head to toe!  If you’d like your card to sparkle why not try using glitter paper instead!

So, we used glitter AND glitter paper! The final result displays, I think, a slight twist on the old Hooter’s slogan– “Delightfully tacky, yet SO refined…”


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