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Eli Introduces His Class To The Blog…

Eli has been attending Ms. Mendoza & Ms. Geddes’s Year 3 class at Laycock Primary School in Islington since we arrived January 1st. Ms. Mendoza told me today that the kids in his class would like to check out our family’s blog. To celebrate their viewing, Eli has recorded a brief introductory video:

Casting directors of the world, take note.

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In associated news, Eli’s blog entries concerning his trip to Dickens World and the Olympic Site should be posted later this week / the beginning of next (i.e. when next I have time). I hope to find a clever way to post his new 12 page epic–  “Transportation: On Ground And Air”– but for today, I will post his transport-concerned ‘research paper.’ (This entire semester has been themed with transportation, BTW; Eli couldn’t have asked for better!) As with his themes summarizing the educational daytrips we’ve been going on, I will post an image of his original work, followed by a transcription. To that end, allow me to present Eli’s first ‘research paper,’ entitled “Hovercrafts / Trawlers.” Before you read, all academics who peruse will please take note that, yes, a) this is quoted directly from the source without citation and b) his primary source is Wikipedia. This was per teachers’ instruction, and seems perfectly reasonable for Year 3 (2nd Grade). When he continues to do this in High School, and bases all of his critical response papers on not-so-clever re-wordings of CliffsNotes, please feel free to heap on the derision. This qualifies as Eli’s seventh post in the series.

— — — — —

A page of Eli's homework

Eli's Seventh Self-Directed Theme

— — — — —

Some hovercrafts are big enough
to hold a semi/firetruck.
A hovercraft (air-cushion vehicle, ACV)
is a craft capable of traveling over
surfaces while supported by a cush-
ion of slow moving, high-pressure
air which is ejected against the
surface below and cointaind within
a “skirt.” Although supported by
air, a hovercraft is not considered
an aircraft. BHC SR.N4, the
world’s largest civilian hovercraft,
can carry 254 passengers and 30

A fishing trawler is a comm
-ercial fishing vessel designed
to operate fishing trawls.
Trawling is a method of fishing
that involves actively pulling
a trawl through the water
behind one or more trawlers.
Trawlers are fishing nets that
are dragged along of the
sea or in midwater at a spec
-ified depth. A trawler may
also operate two or more
trawl nets simultaneo-
usly (doble-rig and multi-


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