Quick! Time to see Santa…

We went to see our neighborhood Santa tonight– we’ve gone to see the same avatar of the bearded one for the last four or five years. He manifests just down the street, at the home of a retired firefighter. It’s a neighborhood tradition that seems to grow in popularity every year (and by “grow,” I mean “double in size”)! It was about a 45 minute wait, this time around, which isn’t a terrible wait in general– at this particular house, there’s a full train set up & a large Santa’s Village to look at, as well as snacks and a significant set of Christmas lights. HOWEVER, when you’ve only got two of four suitcases packed, and aren’t sure how a hypothetical fifth would even fit in the van to get to the airport without displacing a child (which certainly has it’s own pros and cons)… 45 minutes can be a commitment.

We made it through the line, eventually. No thanks, actually, to an adult couple who sat & kicked it with Santa for entirely too long. And not just, “Hey! You’re a pair of adults in a line of (tired) kids, what are you thinking!” too long– this was more of a “wow, even for a kid whose parents are selfishly doing a full photo sesh WITH props, wardrobe changes, and possibly an animal trainer & live reindeer, you’re REALLY TAKING A LONG TIME” kind of long. But, we survived, the kids made their approach and obeisances to the genial elf in red, and we captured a certain sense of  our kids’ mental states as we approach both the holiday and our impending departure:

The Kids and Santa...

I.E. Eli had become a humanoid robot, Sawyer was STOKED, Finley was excited, and Dashiell was hungry. For a large bite of gazebo.

Sawyer, bless her, thought to look out for her uncle, Denver Dalley, letting Santa know that,”even though we’re going to be in PA-ris, DON’T skip our house because uncle DEN-ver is still going to be there!” (Emphases mine.) Hopefully, Santa’s got his head on straight, and remembers where to deliver any and all presents that might be in play this year. We’ll see. If not, there may be perks for Denver beyond the simple joys of house sitting. 😬.

Funny to think that at this time tomorrow night, we’ll be somewhere over North America, looking DOWN at all the holiday lights.

Assuming we get the g@#$%&!ned suitcases packed.

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