Here goes!

The bags are packed. Or, almost. So, we’ve got a few items in the dryer. And some toiletries need to be fit in somewhere. BUT, we’re MOSTLY packed. The part of me that usually remembers critical things isn’t totally sure WHAT we packed… But I’m pretty sure we packed some good stuff. Clothes for the baby, I think. And diapers? I’m pretty sure we got those. Chargers for the 1.2 million devices we decided to bring with us? I’ve seen those, recently. And they were in a suitcase– which one, I’m not sure, but one of the ones we’re taking, certainly. And I’ve seen the tickets, and the passports, so when we get to France naked, we will at least be able to congratulate ourselves on having arrived at all. Lana made an incredibly flattering post about snacks (which I’m sure you’ve read & enjoyed at my expense), so I know we’re good for the barely-fillable pie holes of our voracious kids at least as far as the plane goes… and God knows there’s food in Paris! I’m intrigued (as always) to see what security at the airport makes of my carry on… traveling with a bunch of electronic stuff is always exciting for them; add to that a bunch of vials of insulin, a sprinkling of syringes, and the frisson that my bionic accoutrements (insulin pump, Continuous Glucose Monitor) bring to the situation, and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of TSA head scratching.

Kidlets in the Car!

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