We’re preparing to leave for Paris, just a few days to go!

Written By: Eli Dalley– I’m still not learning French because I am too lazy; plus, I know all the words I need to know: “No habla Español” (kidding). My dad says jokes like that are what makes it “interesting” to travel as an American. I’m excited to be venturing to Paris again (which is such a cool thing to say). “Hey guess what? I’m going to Paris, AGAIN,” and “Paris? Been there, done that,” etc. (just for the record, that’s sarcasm, people! 😉) The one regret I have about this trip is that the Troy Tech entry test is right after we get back, but hey– I get to go to Paris!

While reopening this blog after about 6 years, we saw several messages from a friend I made last time we were abroad, named Zanab. We attempted to contact them, and I hope to reunite with them after all this time.

Last time we were abroad, I attended Laycock Primary School in Islington, UK–


–which is where I met Zanab. this time, however, I will be doing independent study work. This will be very different than last time, as we won’t have to leave the house early to get to school (for which I am STOKED). However, it will also limit my chances to make new friends. Hopefully, I’ll be able to still make friends while taking pictures and such. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a custom micro-scale minifigure photographer, which is a fancy term for taking pictures of custom LEGO minifigs in natural (and UNnatural) habitats (check out my Instagram account @my_own_lego 📷). Also, we plan to spend a lot of time in parks and museums.

I’m looking forward to doing many things in Paris that are quite different from how things are here. We’re going out for Christmas Eve dinner at Chamarre Montmartre, which will apparently be chock full of seafood, which is the best thing ever, at least in my books. We will also be conforming to French Christmas traditions, which are, de facto, much less ‘Merican. Things like using our shoes as stockings, and– hey– eating a reasonable amount of food. I’m also excited to use public transportation like the Métro, to go to the Picasso museum, eat many cheese plates, and ride the Eurostar to London. Overall, I think it’s going to be a great trip.

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