Countdown Clock

Three bags packed– all the clothing (yes, Lana managed to keep herself to one bag only); have to finish the “toy” suitcase & finalize all the carry-ons.
Began this post last night; it has since been “superseded.” As of now, the main things that remain to be packed (humorously, autocorrect REALLY wants that to be “thongs,” not “things”) are several pair of shoes, some medical supplies, our router, and some last-minute wash items.

And, as far as “last-minute wash” goes, the kids are finally having a bath. It would seem that this is a truly novel event– bathing this early in the day has been the cause of much mirth and hilarity. Which of course has led to much rough-housing, and the dreaded splashing of bath water. Ah, well. If only one could guarantee that these youthful high spirits would be expended NOW, rather than, say, as an example, on the 11 hour-long flight. Just for instance.

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