Posting From The Living Room Floor…

This is my first attempt at writing on the fly– trying to get into the habit of writing at an opportune moment, rather than waiting for diving inspiration to strike.
It is Tuesday morning; we leave on Friday to move to England.
My clothes are packed. I can say that much. The holiday decorations are down, the suitcases are out. The kids’ clothing is 90% packed– Eli is 100%, Finley 85%, Sawyer is… less… I think. My estimate is dependent on what is stacked in the hallway, though, and I think there is a goodly amount of her stuff sitting in the “girl’s room.” So. I believe that just leaves 1) Lana’s clothes 2) Lana’s books 3) Kid toys 4) Computer equipment 5) Medical supplies and 6) Sundries.
Not bad, I suppose, for 3 days to go.
My brother, Denver, flies in today to get last minute instruction on the house before he flies OUT again tomorrow– he is playing a New-Years-Eve show with Har Mar Superstar in Brooklyn at Littlefield– I am really glad he is able to house sit for us while we were gone, as it will relieve some anxiety.
I am sure that everything will be ready in time; I am also COMPLETELY sure that every moment between now and then will find something to fill it…

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